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 All registered weapons

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PostSubject: All registered weapons   Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:18 am

Sword- +7damage(d)
Mediumsword- +10d
Largesword- +15d
TC Flamesword- +50d
TC Electricsword- +50d
Flamesword- +20d
Electricsword- +20d
Watersword- +20d
Windsword- +20d
Keyblade- +75d
Bow- +20d
Oakbow- +23d
Yewbow- +25d
Longbow- +30d
Compoundbow- +50d
Crossbow- +75d
BronzeAxe- +7d
IronAxe- +10d
SteelAxe- +15d
AdmentAxe- +30d
MithrilAxe- +50d
Katana- +35d (faster attacks)
Ōkatana- +40d
Wooden Katana- +12d (faster attacks)
Scimitar- +18d
Great Sword- +27d (slower attacks)
Bastard Sword- +25d

Name: Rift Blade
Level: 25
Anime: Made Up
Description: A sword of two states. It's standard form is a normal 4 foot blade, with folded Angel wings sticking out of the guard. It's other state, is known as the 'Rift State' Activated when the user reaches critical health. This form is noted as the angel wings fulyl extend, and the balde extends to 7 feet.
Effects/Damage: Standard: None.
Rift State: 1.The user gains the ability to block 'unblockable' attacks.
2. The user can shift his Elemental Nature.

Note: For every level you are you do an additional damage. E.g. If you were lvl 27 you would do an additional 27 damage.
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All registered weapons
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