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 Vamporial Katar

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PostSubject: Vamporial Katar   Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:27 pm

Name: Vamporial Katar
Rank: Adult/Teen (under the fact that a teen is higher than lvl 20 due to the fact of defeating opponents and quests)
Anime: "Made Up"
Description: Wielded like brass knuckles, this weapon has several sharp claws that can detatch to be used as thrown weapons or defencive weapons. this weapon straps to the hand of the user and draws them toward battle. The weapon itself is cursed, said to hunger for blood.
Effects/Damage: Base Damage: 15 | Effect: Heals HP according to what level your opponent is. The amount healed is dealt in damage to your opponent. (eg. a lvl 20 would give you a 20HP heal when this weapon is used)

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Vamporial Katar
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