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PostSubject: Techniques   Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:46 am

Available techniques
Rush- 4 damage (Lvl 1)
Smash- 7 damage (Lvl 1)
Ki blast- 8 damage (Lvl 1)
(Ch) Ki blast- 10 damage(Lvl 3)
Kamehameha- 30 damage (Lvl 7)
Scatter Kamehameha- 35 damage (Lvl 8 )
Distructo Disc- 25damage (Lvl 8 )
Raitei Shourai- 15 damage (Lvl 10)
Kashin Shourai- 15 damage (Lvl 10)
Fuuka Shourai- 15 damage (Lvl 10)
Suiryuu Shourai- 15 damage (Lvl 10)
Instant Transmission- Double Hit (Lvl 15)
Kudan Stage- damage x2 (duration(d): 2 turns) (Lvl 10) (Special user(SU) Resident Of Clow)
Ryuujin Jakka- damage x1.5 (d: 3) (Lvl 8 ) (SU: Oni Hunter/Hollow)
Raika- 20 damage (Lvl 10)
Kaioken- damage x1.5 (d: 3) (Lvl 8 ) (SU: Saiyan/Half-Sayain)
Super Sayain- damage x2 (d: 2) (Lvl 10) (SU: Saiyan/Half-Sayain)
Super Sayain2- damage x3 (d: 2) (Lvl 20) (SU: Saiyan/Half-Sayain)
Super Sayain 3- damage x3.5 (d:2) (Lvl 30) (SU: Saiyan/Half-Sayain)
Super Sayain 4- damage x4 (d: 2) (Lvl 40) (SU: Saiyan/Half-Sayain)

Name: Shunpo / Flash Step
Level: 1
Race: Shinigami, hollow, quincy
Requirements: None.
Description: Quickly get behind the opponent and attack them before they block
Effect: Disables block and dodge for that turn.

Name: Spiral Blade
Level: 3
Race: All
Requirements: Two 'Blade' type
Description: The user does several
consecutive front flips, sticking both
blades out and dealing (x2) damage of
each weapons own dependant strength.
Effect: Add both weapons damage then times by two.

Name: Triple Slice
Level: 1
Race: All
Requirements: 'Blade' type weapon
Description: The user quite simply
slashes the opponent three times in a
unique combo. Does (x3) damage
Effect: Times three damage

Name: Consecutive RoundHouse
Level: 1
Race: All
Requirements: Another 'Blade'
Technique, Blade type weapon.
Description: After the previous
technique the user switches one of his
blades into a reveresed style and spins.
Adds the blade's damage level to the
original damage level.
Effect: Do previous damage plus blade damage.

Name: Reverse Spiral
Level: 1
Race: All
Requirements: 'Blade' type weapon
Description: The same as 'Spiral Blade'
only the user does backflips, allowing
them to escape. Damage is (x2.1%) of
original damage.
Effect: Times 2.1% of original damage.

Name: Fire Millenium
Level: 10
Race: All
Requirements: 'Fire Arcanes of The Fifth Degree'
Description: A fiery inferno which burns an entire battlegrounds worth of enemies severely, this attack can take several minutes to charge and several minutes to take full effect.
Effect: Wait two turns. +75 damage.

Name: Grand Finale
Level: 14
Race: All
Requirements: 'Blade' type weaponry, 'Enshrouded code' (book)
Description: after the user either mentally notes, or reads aloud the incantation, they then proceed to drop the book, slashing the book straight through once the darkness begins to enshroud it, everything within a certain vicinty is then cut in two in exact mimickry of the book.
Effect: wait five turns, cuts enemys health in half.

Name: The Last Dance
Level: 30
Race: Human/Saiyan
Requirements: Critical Health
Description: Allows the user to give up half their remaining life force (HP) and strike the enemy's soul multiple times. This technique is unblockable as it strikes the soul over the body.
Effect: Unblockable/dodgable, cuts users health by half, +70 damage.

Name: Retaliating Combo
Level: 70
Race: All Keyblade Masters
Requirements: A Keyblade, Speed and Good Acrobatics
Description: When Hit Retaliate with an Overhead Finishing Combo, Can be Used in Air or on Ground.
Effect: Does not use move, +78 damage

Name: Berserk Blowout
Level: 70
Race: All Keyblade Masters
Requirements: Really Bad Temper & Source of Anger
Description: All Attacks are X3 Damage.
Effect: x3 damage for 10 turns

Name: Keyblade Ultima
Level: 500
Race: N/A
Requirements: Ven, a Keyblade and a Aura Source
Description: A powerful Auto Assault Magic to Ground to Air Finishing Combo Limit which leaves 1 hp to the opponent, No matter what. Also Ven can't be Attacked until end of Combo. No Evading/Blocking/Dodging this attack.
Effect: Leaves opponent with 1hp, no block or dodge.

Name: Way of Destruction number 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down (Blue Fire, Crash Down for short)
Level: 15
Race: Shinigami
Requirements: Kidou Training at High School (this may not accually happen for a very long time)
Description: A blast of blue fire force out of the users hands strait at the opponent. Cannot change the direction. The higher your level the more power it does. (5-50 Damage) (e.g. level 15 = 20 Damage, where level 5 = 10 Damage)
Effect: Read description

Name: Way of Destruction number 31: Shot of Red Fire (Shot of Red Fire for short)
Rank: 20
Race: Shinigami
Requirements: Kidou
Description: A ball of red flame sent out from the users hand strait at the opponent. (cannot control it) (15 Damage)
Effect: See description

Name: Destructive Art 4: White Lighting (White Lightning)
Level: 50
Race: Shinigami
Requirements: Kidou
Description: A blast of white lightning from the users pointer finger
Effect: Cant block, +50 damage

Name: Way of Binding Number 75: Quintet of Iron Pillars (Quintet of Iron Pillars for short)
Level: 20
Race: Shingami / Vaizard / Human
Requirements: Level 15
Description: 5 giant iron pillars chained together droped on top of the opponent. Each pillar is posted onto the opponents key body parts. (both arms and legs + Neck) Paralizing the enermy for 3-4 turns)

Name: Majinken/Demon Fang
Level: 2
Race: Human
Requirements: TP
Description: The User sends a weak shockwave out of their blade. (5 damage)

Name: Hienrenkyaku/Swallow Dance
Level: 5
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Pointed Weapon
Description: The user charges the enemy, executing two consecutive upward kicks to the body, then lunging their weapon through them. (Levelx2 Weapon Damage)

Name: Shuusouraizan/Lightning Tiger Blade
Level: 9
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Pointed Weapon
Description: The user ccharges up to the enemy, slashing them in an upercut motion, then bringing their blade down as lightning enshrouds the blade (Initial Damagex2 5 Damage)

Name: Akisazame/Sword Rain
Level: 12
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Pointed Weapon
Description: The user jabs at the enemy a total of 9 times (Weapon Damage/3x9)

Name: Kogahazan/Tiger Blade
Level: 15
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Slashing Weapon
Description: The user slashes the oponent twice, once in a uppercut motion, then in a slamming motion. (Initial Damage Initial Damage x0.5)

Name: Juushourai/Focus
Level: 20
Race: Human
Requirements: TP
Description: The user focuses his/her TP and recovers HP. (HP 1/2 Original HP)

Name: Houtenku/Rising Pheonix
Level: 23
Race: Human
Requirements: RP, Fire Element
Description: The user charges the enemy, bringing them up in a uppercut motion, then proceeding to enshroud themself in fire and lunge straight through them. (Initial Damagex2 0.9 Initial Damage, 20% chance of Burn)

Name: Shugohoujin/Aegis Strike
Level: 27
Race: Human
Requirements: TP
Description: The user throws their weapon underneath the enemy, and then summons their tp upwards from that weapon, consecutively hurting the enemy. (Damage = Levelx4)

Name: Shinkuuhazen/Omega Tempest
Level: 31
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Slashing Weapon
Description: The user concentrates his/her TP into their blade, releasing it in a large sweeping motion.

Name: Shuukihou/Inspiration.
Level: 34
Race: Human
Requirements: TP
Description: The user serves as an inspiration to team-mates. (Takes 0.5 Damage next turn)

Name: Shishisenkou/Beast
Level: 37
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Shield
Description: The user rams their shield into the enemy, releasing a beast like shockwave. (65 damage Auto-Block)

Name: Goushourai/Coil
Level: 41
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Focus
Description: same as Focus. (Take 0.2 damage next turn)

Name: Senkuuretuha/Light Spear
Level: 45
Race: Human
Requirements: TP
Description: The uuser charges the enemy, swinging their blade upwards, and spinning in a horizontal movement, charging the weapon with TP and lungung. (Initial Damagex2 Half-level)

Name: Hell Pyre
Level: 50
Race: Human
Requirements: TP, Blade, Fire Element
Description: The user uppercuts the enemy into their air, engulfing his weapon in flame and throwing it through the air-born enemy.

Name: KuukanSouhazan/Chaos Blade
Level: 50
Race: Human
Requirements: Flamberge (weapon)/Eternal Sword(weapon)
Description: The user release the power inside of flamberge, allowing the blade to rip through time and space distortions, then proceeding to uppercut the enemy, and slash their 'space' downwards.

Name: Jigenzan/Distortion Blade
Level: 50
Race: Human
Requirements: Vorpal Sword (Weapon), Eternal Sword(weapon)
Description: The user channels his TP into the ground ,creating a whilrwind motion and a shield around himself,while charging the blade with TP and then releasing it in a large blast.(Levelx20)

Name: Kuukanshouten/Lunge
Level: 50
Race: Human
Requirements: Eternal Sword(weapon)
Description: The user channels his TP into the eternal sword, creating a total 5 meter radius around themself, hurting anything in that vicinity, they then proceed to use their TP to lift them up and land in front of the enemy commencing a three hit combo. (Levelx20+Initial Damagex3)

Name: Moukorengekiha/Tigor Combo Blast
Level: 50
Race: Human
Requirements: Eternal Sword(Weapon)
Description: The user runs up to the enemy, slashing him in upper and lower motions a total of 8 times in a row and the nending by slamming the enemy into the ground. (Initial Damagex8 half of level)

Name: Crippler
Level: 10
Race: Oni
Requirements: None
Description: Cut's opponents attack in half.
How to use: Roll dice 'Oni' twice and get double even.

Name: Illusion Sign 「Killing Doll」
Requirements:level 1
Description: Creates a multitude of knives that are thrown at your enemy.
How to use: Standard attack, used in any situation. Your level is lower then the enemy then divide your level by the level of the enemy then multiply by 7(ex there level 9 divided by mine 3 is 3 multiplied by 7 is 27 total). level is higher your level you level minus by enemy level times 5 for ever 5 level margin, one level is x5(ex 20-5=15x3=45 damage)

Name: Time 「Private Square」
Requirements:level 6
Description: Momentarily Freezes time and then you creates tons of knives once time starts up again, the knives appear from nowhere and they really throw the opponent off guard.
How to use: below level 50. if above then life is above half. gain one use for every 10% of enemy's health lost. roll one dice if the number is a is a 1 or 6 then roll again, one time for rolling a one and two for a six. Then your level divided by the number of the dice times 5(ex level 20 roll a one and roll a 3 so 20 divided by a 3 is 8.2x5=41 damage)

Name: Wound Sign 「Inscribed Red Soul」
Requirements:level 5
Description: using a knife you slash at the enemy
How to use: standard attack used whenever. you roll one dice, then level times 2 multiplied by the number on the dice

Name: Burialluison 「Phantasmic Killer 」
Description: A much more powerful version of Killing doll but the knives deal much more damage and they fly away and come back so you cant tell when they come, the also come in a random direction.
How to use: Life is less then half and rolled evens twice in a row. Health Divided by two X the number on the roll

Name: Scarred Soul 「Soul Sculpture 」
Requirements:level 42
Description: a Much more devastation version of Inscribed soul
How to use: Life is less then half. Rolled an odd number twice in a row and have used the Inscribed soul skill once before
damage done at inscribe soul X3

Name: 「Sakuya's World」
Requirements:level 50
Description: A much more advanced version of the private square. Time stops for a much longer time and much more knives are created they also do much more damage. This is Sakuya's signature skill and truly cant be matched
How to use: Life is less than half. Gain one useage for every 20% of damage delt, Then roll two more die and then multiply that number by 10

Name: The Katana & Ōkatana Dance
Race: All except hollow & oni
Requirements: A Katana & Ōkatana, level 137
Description: User summons a normal katana into the left hand and a Ōkatana into the right, then charges at the opponent using dancing moves. (this takes 10 full years to get the full effect) does 102 dmg.
How to use: Dice Roll higher than 12

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