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 Raphael Seraphia

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Raphael Seraphia

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PostSubject: Raphael Seraphia   Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:25 am

Name: Raphael “Raphi” Seraphia

Age: 16

Race: Human

Biography: Raphael is a young man who was born in the Satellite region of Neo Domino City. His skills revolve around Riding Duels (he uses a Lightsworn deck), computer hacking, and being your general handyman. His mission is to find the Signers, hoping they could be the ones to lead Satellite against Neo Domino City. Of course, this means he’s a wanted man by the Public Security, and he’s constantly on the move between worlds.

Personality: Raphael is the kind of guy who fights for his friends to the last, but the moment someone makes a remark about his past about living in near-poverty (or anyone who‘s suffered along similar lines), it’s on like Donkey Kong. And when he fights, he takes no prisoners.

Appearance: Refer to avatar.
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PostSubject: Re: Raphael Seraphia   Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:34 pm

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Raphael Seraphia
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