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 Dueling Class

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PostSubject: Dueling Class   Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:28 pm

*walks in and sits down*
*Somehow i ended up pullnig favors, and today i'm ehre to teach you how to fight, but not in a normal way.*
*walks around*
*you are expected to bring all your equipment, have your techniques ready and e.t.c. before class begins, whitch btw, will start once you're all done, be happy i'm you're teacher*
*sits back down*
*Now, the aim of this class, is to teach you how to defend against each-other's techniques, and how not to kill, so no 'un-blockable' techniques or attacks, and all of you MUST have your weapons sheathed while fighting*
*takes out a book*
*Now, get ready, cause as soon as i get bored i'm starting...*
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Dueling Class
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